The 1Q20 OCTG Inventory Stimulus Check-in

Photo Courtesy Texas Steel Conversion Inc.

Photo Courtesy Texas Steel Conversion Inc.

Susan Murphy | The OCTG Situation Report

Susan Murphy | Publisher + Editor-in-Chief

What a year the last couple weeks have been! Our exclusive 1Q20 OCTG Inventory Quarterly Report was completed while we hunkered in the bunker as so many of our readers are now doing. Our hearts go out to all of those personally impacted by COVID-19 and those that are simply struggling with the everyday challenges of the current crisis.

Considering the difficulties consuming the oil patch these days you could consider this your stimulus check-in as we’re grateful to be the bearers of a bit of encouraging news. With imported tubulars decelerating and mill/processors rushing to expedite orders and deliveries, Q1 OCTG inventories were held in check. The ensuing inventory trough puts supply side players in the best position possible to brave the many challenges that 2020 is presenting. 

Our yard survey of the US supply chain revealed that “prime” OCTG inventories in the L48 contracted considerably in the most recent quarter (period ending 3/31/20). This sum is especially significant in that it is the lowest inventory total on record since Q2 of 2010. The largest decrease in 1Q20 inventories was shared by mill/processors. Our separate survey of “select” distributors demonstrated a general predisposition to curbing inventories as well.

Drawdowns were recorded in every category throughout the tri-state (TX, OK, LA) in Q1. Products experiencing greater levels of outbound shipments versus inbound activity were welded and carbon OCTG stocks; two categories that were impacted by lower imported shipments in the first quarter. Both played prominent roles in the shedding of tons this past quarter. In the closely monitored tubing category (SMLS & ERW), an impressive reduction was registered this past quarter, too. 

The objective of our quarterly inventory surveys is to shine a light on the health of the oil patch or—with apologies to Kenny Rogers & The First Edition: to see what condition the condition is in. With our Q1 inventory stats soundly in place we also revisited our 2020 OCTG forecasts and opined on the days ahead. Our April 2020 market intel offers a deep dive into all the metrics that matter in our most recent OCTG inventory yard survey as well as how the changes are expected to impact the oilfield in the days ahead. 

We wish our updated forecasts could offer solace but we owe our candor to our subscribers so they can plan accordingly. In wrapping our monthly market intel, we leave you with a compelling thought from the legendary NCAA basketball head coach John Wooden who encouraged his players by saying, “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” 

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Photo Courtesy Texas Steel Conversion Inc.

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Susan Murphy is the Publisher + Editor in Chief of The OCTG Situation Report®, a leading authority focused on the North American Oil Country Tubular Goods market. Susan has worked alongside the founder of The OCTG Situation Report®, Duane Murphy (and yes, there is a family connection!) for the past decade assisting in various aspects of producing the monthly publication and special projects including market research and development. It had long been suspected that Susan carried the 'OCTGene,' a fact that was confirmed when she took the reins in 2012. A native of Michigan and now practicing cowgirl, Susan employs her education from both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University bringing her expertise in the areas of research, marketing, branding and creative and technical writing to The Report. She has also enjoyed a successful business career as a lauded entrepreneur, running her own brand/marketing and advertising/design firms.
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