The OCTG Situation Report® is the leading authority for intelligence on the North American upstream Oil Country Tubular Goods market. For 30 years, subscribers to our monthly Report have relied on our highly focused executive overview, exclusive OCTG surveys and resultant forecasts to better understand and analyze current and historical market trends. Subscribers receive in-depth, critical analysis into the OCTG space: valuable data geared to help make calculated and concise decisions that invariably affect your company’s products, production and bottom line.

Monthly Contents & Features

The OCTG Situation Report® | Valuable Information You Can “Count On”

Oil & gas leaders worldwide count on our exclusive survey to get a good read on inventory levels of “prime” OCTG throughout the entire U.S. supply chain and a better handle on the health of the industry in general. This exercise involves a large group of professionals that count pipe at truck terminals, mills, processors and inspection yards across the lower 48 every quarter.

The OCTG Pricing Situation

OCTG distributor market prices are monitored every month on 46 line items. This segment of the Report is acclaimed by oil and gas companies as the most comprehensive in coverage. The OCTG Pricing Situation is used extensively in monitoring and negotiating program buys by mills, distributors and energy companies.

  • Distributor resale “spot” prices – $/ft. &  $/ton – 46 line items, Seamless/ERW , carbon and alloy
  • Mill price announcements
  • Tubular: Eight primary product types: Tubing, Production-Casing, Surface Casing, Alloy, Carbon, Seamless, ERW and composite of all 46 line items

Drilling Permits and Drilling Activity

The OCTG Situation Report® keeps you up to date by monitoring current permitting and drilling stats. These gauges provide valuable insight into current and future business conditions in the oil patch.

The OCTG Inventory Situation (Based on actual pipe count)

  • Tonnage of “prime” pipe in the lower 48 states
  • OCTG tonnage composition in Texas, Louisiana & Oklahoma
  • Inventory changes in truck terminal, independent processor, mill & inspection yards
  • Ownership of pipe by oil/gas companies, supply companies and mills
  • Various supply/consumption ratios – including months of OCTG supply on the ground

Oil & Gas Exploration | Capex Budgets | Annual and Mid-Year Forecasts

The OCTG Situation Report® delivers numerous forecasts throughout the calendar year. Our contacts and access to industry leaders enables us to stay on top of significant developments.

  • E&P Capital Expenditures
  • OCTG Production
  • OCTG Pricing
  • OCTG Consumption

OCTG Shipments and Consumption

The OCTG Situation Report® is the source for monthly monitoring of domestic OCTG mill shipments, imported & exported OCTG and OCTG consumption.

In The Pipeline

The OCTG Situation Report® provides valuable insight into the financial aspects of publicly traded pipe companies and current business updates on manufacturing, distribution and import bell weather segments of the industry.

  • Company changes – acquisitions, mergers and consolidations
  • Financial reports

Select Historical OCTG Data Available

Exclusive only to subscribers of The OCTG Situation Report® is the added-value opportunity to purchase Select Historical OCTG Data. Interested subscribers can call 281-826-1141 with your specifications for a custom OCTG Historical Data quote today.

The OCTG Situation Report® Goes Where You Go 

The OCTG Situation Report® is delivered by a Secure Digital Download link sent to your email in-box monthly. Just click on the Secure Digital Download link and follow the instructions to download The OCTG Situation Report® to your computer, smartphone or tablet in PDF form. This portability makes it convenient to take The OCTG Situation Report® with you to review all the key OCTG information wherever you go and whenever you need it.