The OCTG Situation Report® Has People Talking…

“Hands down the best OCTG publication that is out there… The OCTG Situation Report has proven to be a great resource to gain insight into the US OCTG market, through its in-depth coverage of prices, supply & demand, and general market movements. It is highly regarded across the oil patch for a well-informed perspective on current market conditions.”

Nigel Bell
Global Supply Chain Advisor
Hess Corporation

As a Wall Street analyst, covering the tubular market effectively is impossible without The OCTG Situation Report. This report is the only reliable source of transparency in an otherwise opaque upstream OCTG market, which is a $15bn annual market in upcycles. Invaluable datapoints and commentary that can’t be found anywhere else are the hallmarks of this industry standard publication.”

Joseph Triepke
Former sell-side and buy-side analyst, now founder at InfillThinking.com

“The OCTG Situation Report has become my go-to source for market intelligence and insights. The data that is delivered through The OCTG Situation Report helps our company analyze current and historical trends that enable us to more effectively manage one of the larger spends within our operations.”

Mark Frick
Sr. Global Category Lead – OCTG, Artificial Lift & Wellheads 
ConocoPhillips Corporation

“Over the years the OCTG Situation Report has proven to be a consistently reliable and timely tool in understanding the OCTG market.  It is more than just the data, but the analysis and opinions of what the data might be saying that were helpful as an aid in the decision making process.  The quarterly inventory surveys provided confirmation of modeling used to track supply direction trends.  News, pricing, rig counts, shipments, trade, and analysis every month in one report — one of the best subscription values.”

Scott Barnes
Former Sr. VP & CCO at TMK IPSCO

“We absolutely loved our subscription to The OCTG Situation Report. As you may imagine, our interest in the OCTG industry as consultants is project dependent and our current project is wrapping up. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I hope to keep in touch.”

Lloyd McGuire
Senior Consultant, Corporate Finance
FTI Consulting

“The OCTG Situation Report is an extremely valuable tool that provides exceptional analysis of the OCTG market. The data, market insight, and general knowledge of every aspect of the industry far exceeds that of any competitor – a must read for our company.”

Lindsey Moore
Fundamentals Analyst

“When The OCTG Situation Report talks, the market listens.” 

Kenny Scianna
VP, Sales

“As advocates for pipestock property tax payers, The OCTG Situation Report is an invaluable resource that provides our firm with the national KPI’s, trends, and regional market pricing critical to minimizing our clients property tax burdens, thus improving our clients margins. For a year, we ran concurrent subscriptions with a competing provider and hands down felt The OCTG Situation Report was superior. Two renewals later, I’m still convinced we made the correct choice.”

Gary A. Rivas
Vice President
J. Joseph Consulting, Inc.

“The essence of Supply Chain Management is maximizing the value to the business of any investment. Over the years, at several companies where I worked, we have found the value of the market intelligence and ability to discuss market movements with the OCTG Situation Report’s experts was the most cost effective investment we made.”

John Stombaugh
Former Strategic Sourcing Team Lead & Manager of Supply Chain for Various E&Ps

 “I find The OCTG Situation Report a tremendous value. There is no better tool to give one a “line of site” on what’s happening in the OCTG marketplace. It is a must-have.”

Ed Quinn
Strategic Sales Manager
ShawCor, Ltd. formerly (AECOM) Flint Tubular Management Services

“The OCTG Situation Report is a concise and easy to read analysis tool that still delivers the details that we need to help manage our business.  It carries a lot of weight with us because it comes from people with inside knowledge of the Oil Patch, not “penthouse-suite analysts” that have never seen a piece of pipe.  We look forward to its arrival each month.”

Buddy W. Brewer, Jr.
Former CEO Borusan Mannesmann Pipe U.S.

“You provide excellent market insight and very valuable data to help us analyze our spend patterns. I love reading The OCTG Situation Report. It’s a very valuable asset to Supply Chain Managers.”

Tom Hedgepath
Category Management Specialist
Chesapeake Energy

“The US OCTG market represents roughly 40% of total global demand. The OCTG Situation Report neatly summarizes the status of this important market in 8 – 10 pages monthly using innovative charts coupled with a good summary of inventory levels. It has therefore become an important part of my monthly reading to stay abreast of current market conditions.”

John Blomberg
Director, Pipe & Tube Division
Duferco SA

“The OCTG Situation Report compiles and summarizes inventories, pricing, rig counts and activity in easy-to-digest charts that all levels of the industry can understand. Each month you get the nuggets you need to inform, make decisions, and move forward.”

Brooks Graul 
Director of Pipe Sales 
Liquidity Services | Network International

“When it comes to understanding the dynamics, indicators and trends of the Oil Patch, The OCTG Situation Report is my ‘go to’ source! It provides specialized and focused information from drilling activity to OCTG pricing and mill shipments to proprietary OCTG consumption and inventory intel. The OCTG Situation Report provides high value crucial in making effective market and operational decisions.”

Francisco Garza
Former Vice-President & GM at Prolamsa | Axis Pipe & Tube

“The OCTG Situation Report is one of the reliable market periodicals I rely on to help form the market picture I need in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of my organization in the Permian Basin. You must know your market — and in order to do so you must have a combination of reliable periodicals and a depth and breadth of network established within the OCTG market. It’s the combination of both that will allow you to succeed in getting the right material, at the right cost and the right time.”

Peter E. Montes
Sr. Materials Coordinator, Permian Division
XTO Energy Inc. a subsidiary of ExxonMobil

“We highly value your report.  It is a key component in our analysis to determine our pricing.”

JP Brown
Procurement Manager
Pioneer Natural Resources

“The OCTG Situation Report is very valuable, insightful and a pleasure to read.” 

Steve Eldam
Vice President, PRM & Tubular Strategy
Evraz North America

“The OCTG Situation Report is not only very informative but provides vital information regarding the trends of the Oil and Gas Industry together with exhibiting current, past and future prices and cost information for seamless and welded OCTG for exploration and production. I highly recommend this report to persons or companies related to sales, service and exploration in the Oil and Gas industry. It is a great tool and resource in keeping up to date with trends in all aspects of the Energy Industry.”

Douglas J. Kayem
KAYEM Pipe & Steel, Inc.




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